Fire Damage and Smoke Removal Services Menlo Park

Sometimes a fire event may look small and not that destructive, but if the fire gets in favorable conditions, it can get out of control in a matter of minutes. If your property has been exposed by fire, react fast while keeping you and others safe and secure. If it seems to be doubtful to control the fire, don’t dare to take a chance and call the fire department immediately to extinguish the fire.

Once the fire is extinguished, call Water Damage Menlo Park as soon as possible because smoke and soot will cause heavy damage to the structure and contents lying there. Apart from smoke and soot, some other toxic chemicals may be released as a result of chemical reactions between construction material, glues, solvents and other items in the structure. Our company is familiar with all these consequences and we use the latest state of the art technology to locate and deactivate these chemicals and other dangerous substances.

Water Damage Menlo Park will be at the damaged site within 45 minutes of your initial call. We evaluate the exact damage and conduct a deep inspection and testing to detect toxic chemicals, gases and materials and neutralize them. We’ll remove smoke and soot from the structure as well as other precious items such as machinery, electrical appliances, documents, furniture and artwork.

Apart from smoke and soot cleaning, our regular fire and smoke damage restoration services include:
•Inspection of the site and assessment of complete damage.
•Smoke, Soot, Odor and Stain Removal
•Cleaning of electrical appliances, furniture and other valuable items to remove smoke and soot from them.
•Detection and removal of toxic gases, chemicals and fluids.
•Restore the entire property back to its normal condition.
•24/7 emergency assistance available for fire and smoke damage restoration.
•Emergency board ups and security
•Insurance claim settlement and billing to the insurance companies.