Flood Extraction Services Menlo Park

Flood is a natural disaster, generally an outcome of pro-long heavy rains. Sometimes flooding can be a result due to mechanical breakdowns or human error. An open water tap or a faulty water connection can also make your property over flooded with water which will surely lead to flood damage in the structure. Flood extraction is a hard procedure that involves pumping the water out, restoring and sanitizing the affected areas and dehumidifying and drying out all of the moisture.

Some of the negative effects a flood can cause may be:
•Swelling and Disfiguring in moisture-sensitive material
•Paper made items or documents will be damaged
•Wet furniture will leave stains on the carpet and flooring which are not easily removable.
•Excess water softens the drywall and reduces its life.
•Swelling and color fading will damage the furniture completely.
•Hardwood floors can be damaged due to deforming.
•Structure and occupants’ health will have adverse affects
•Mold and mildew will grow and it may be a serious hazard to you and your property.

Call Water Damage Menlo Park immediately if you have suffered a flood. Our team is available 24/7 and they will be at your site within 45 minutes with their quality checked equipment. All of them are certified and trained by IICRC and experts in flood damage restoration procedures. They will assist you through every step of the restoring process right from evaluation to insurance billing.

You can use those 45-50 minutes that our team will take to cover the distance between your site and our nearby location to minimize the existing damage or at least limit any additional damage. Until our team reaches your door step, please:
•Don’t panic and keep others calm
•Do not operate any electrical item and switch off the mains, if you find it safe to move.
•Do not constantly move unnecessarily in the standing water, it may be contaminated from germs.
•Try to remove the antiques and paper items, documents and files to a dryer place, if you can easily and safely manage to do so.